I am a fifth year PhD candidate at the Leeds School of Business, University of Colorado Boulder. My research interests include:

  • Real Estate Economics
  • Credit Markets
  • Signaling Games

As an applied theorist, I develop mathematical models to explain empirical facts and to quantify economic phenomena.

I have taught Corporate Finance and Introductory Finance at the University of Colorado Boulder. 

Quality Uncertainty in Housing Markets

Job Market Paper

[Paper] [Slides]

  • 2018 ARES*

In this paper, I quantify the effect of buyers' uncertainty about a home's quality on its pricing and liquidity. 

Constrained Asset Prices

[Paper] [Slides]

with Ed Van Wesep

  • Invited at Review of Asset Pricing Studies (RAPS)
  • 2018 European Winter Finance Conference**
  • 2017 SFS Cavalcade
  • 2017 Front Range Finance Seminar

We develop a model of asset pricing in which buyers are either unable or unwilling to buy an asset at a price substantially above its price in recent transactions.

Customer Friendly Finance

[Paper] [Poster]

  • 2017 AFA PhD Poster Session

I propose a theory of internal finance for the customer owned firm.

Clarifying by Discretizing

[Paper] [Slides]

with Ed Van Wesep and Robert Van Wesep

  • 2018 FIRS*

In this paper, we argue that while discrete messages are less precise, they are easier to interpret.

The Shape of Cooperative Communication


with Ed Van Wesep

We show that the purpose of a reviewer generates the optimal distribution of reviews.

* Scheduled, ** Co-author, *** Scheduled and Co-author

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